Internal Floating Roof Repair Components

Baker Tank Company/Altech offers complete IFR repair with compatible replacement components for any Aluminum or Stainless Steel skin and pontoon IFR in service. For Uninstalled material Baker Tank Company/Altech will provide drawings for approval prior to fabrication. Typical turnaround times on orders are second to none.

Replacement seals for all pipe and roof support configurations.

Column Seals - Baker Altech

Altech stocks various sizes of replacement pontoons for quick delivery. For the odd lengths and end cap configuration Altech can manufacture to your specific needs.

Completed Stock Pontoons - Baker Altech

The Altech Gauge Hatch Recovery Box will mount to your existing flanged gauge pipe. The recovery box is equipped with a holding tray for your gauging devices and allows for drainage back into the gauge pipe.

Gauge Hatch Recovery Box - Baker Altech

Altech Stock various styles of end caps for a quick turn around on replacement pontoons.

Pontoon End Caps - Baker Altech

Altech stocks an extensive inventory of AIFR parts for all Pontoon Type AIFRs.

Stoc Aifr Components - Baker Altech
Default - Baker Altech

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