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Baker Tank Company/Altech specializes in the design, fabrication and construction of oilfield production equipment; custom vessels; petroleum storage tanks; seal for steel/aluminum floating roofs; aluminum internal floating roofs (IFRs); and total tank, floating roof and seal replacement and repair.


Total engineering and design capability for shop built and field erected petroleum storage tank; oil field production equipment; custom vessels; steel internal/external floating roof seals; aluminum internal floating roofs and seals; and total tank/seal repairs. All tank construction and repair in accordance with API 650/653 standards. Fabrication shop welders ASME qualified.


Baker Tank Company/Altech, Divisions of Justiss Oil Company, Inc., a family owned corporation, is located in Arp, Texas (USA). Justiss Oil Company, Inc. is located in Jena, Louisiana (USA).

Brief History of Baker Tank Company

Baker Tank Company has been in continuous operation since 1935 at the Arp, Texas plant facility. Justiss Oil Company purchased Baker Tank Company in 1975 and Altech was added to the Corporation in 1985. Today, the Baker Tank Company/Altech plant facility occupies a 58 acre site with approximately 130 employees. Baker/Altech has a complete engineering and design department. The modern plant facilities consist of over 150,000 square feet of work space.

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