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IFR General Technical Specifications

The Altech IFR is an aluminum structure consisting of a series of interconnected hollow tubular pontoons surfaced with aluminum sheets. When landed, the IFR is supported on adjustable legs situated between pontoon sections and on 10' centers on the perimeter. The flat surface panels are laid out on a supporting gridwork of extrusions with the edges overlapped and clamped in a vapor tight metal-to-metal joint by an extruded butt strap and stainless steel fasteners. The peripheral seal is normally polyurethane closed cell foam. However, other materials are available as required. The seal is clamped in place with bolts and clamps to ensure a vapor-tight seal.

Installation Specifications

1. Tank Access
All ALTECH IFR components can be moved into a tank through a 20" manway. Special arrangements can be made for smaller or irregular tank openings.

2. Installation Crews
Installation work will be done by trained crews working under an experienced supervisor and will be in strict accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

Standard Features

  • Deck Manway/Vent (Vacuum relief device)
  • Column Negotiators, 24" Diameter wells
  • Roof-mounted combination air scoops/inspection hatches
  • Peripheral Seal
  • Gauging Unit
  • Grounding Cables
  • Anti-rotation system
  • Adjustable legs
  • Double strength ladder pad
  • Teflon or Nylon Leg Pads

Optional Equipment

  • Auto Gauge Float Well
  • Oversized column negotiators (to accommodate larger columns)
  • Center Vent on tank roof
  • Ladder Gauge Pipe Combination
  • OSHA safety climbing devices for ladder
  • Gauge Pipe (aluminum or steel)
  • Floating suction lines
  • Tank modifications and repairs
  • Primary-Secondary seal combinations
  • Inlet line diffuser
  • Special seal materials
  • Walkways
  • Mixer baffles
  • Foam dams
  • Deck Drains
  • Other special accessories as required

Material Specifications

All material used in the manufacture of the ALTECH IFR will be new, first-quality materials manufactured and fabricated in accordance with applicable government and industry specifications.

1. Surface Paneling
Alloy - Alloy 3000 Series
Configuration - Flat coiled sheet
Thickness - .020" x 60" wide
Tensile Strength - 19,000 psi (minimum) Ultimate
Note: .025", .032" thickness available as option (Allow 3004)

2. Pontoons
Shape - 8" or 10" diameter tubing
Alloy - Alloy 3004 Series
Thickness - .050" minimum
Tensile Strength - 25,000 psi Ultimate

2. End Caps - All Pontoons
Alloy - Alloy 5052
Configuration - Flanged plate
Thickness - .100"
Tensile Strength - 30,000 psi Ultimate

2. End Brackets
Alloy - Alloy 5052, 6061-T6
Configuration - Welded double-gusseted
Thickness - .125"
Tensile Strength - 33,000 psi Ultimate

3. Legs
Alloy - Alloy 6063-T6, 6061-T6
Configuration - 1 1/4" Sch.5 Pipe or 2" Sch.5 Pipe
Tensile Strength - 30,000 psi (6063-T6) minimum
Note: 300 Series SS Legs available as option

4. Miscellaneous Extruded Parts
Alloy - Alloy 6063-T6, 6061-T6
Configuration as required - Extruded
Tensile Strength - 30,000 psi Ultimate

5. Seal, Peripheral
(Materials may vary to suit the stored product and field conditions)
Seals - Micro cellular Closed Cell Urethane Wiper, Tapered 5/8" x 1/8" x 12" wide.

5. Primary Mechanical Shoe Seal
Shoes-10ga. 304.55
Pusher Springs- 301 Stainless Steel Spring Steel
Vapor Barrier- .014 PTFE Fabric

5. Extruded EPDM
Configuration - Tapered 5/8" x 1/8" x 12" wide

5. Surlyn® Wiper Seal
Cross-linked lonomer Resin
Configuration - Tapered 1 1/4" x 1" x 12 1/2" wide
Special coated fabrics over flexible core to suit stored products or existing seals (i.e. Teflon, Viton, Butyl Rubber).
All of the aforementioned seals available with matching secondary seal option.

6. Fasteners

  1. Stainless Steel bolts and aluminum nuts at all structural points Grade 18-8
  2. Stainless Steel indented for Hex Head tapping screws for appurtenances and other non-structural points (i.e. column negotiator plates, air valve and gauge unit)